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2022 Nevada Music Teachers Association Conference

Saturday, June 4th   11:00 AM - 5:00 PM  Nevada School of the Arts


11:00a Welcome: Cheryl Thornton, NMTA president

11:05 Jenny Gayan, psychologist: A Clinician’s Tips for Musicians: Navigating Challenging Behaviors

11:45 Certification: Laurie Swain

12:15p Lunch/Roundtable discussions

1:05 Intermediate piano solo: Dr Timothy Hoft

1:35 Piano ensemble: Cheryl Thornton

2:05 Discussion: Jee Wong

2:20 NED Notes: Juliana Kuo, Damaris Morales, Kim Cleveland,

Farida Jamin and Amy Jahn, Emma Pease-Byron

2:50 Election

2:55 Awards: Outstanding Service, Excellence in Teaching

3:15 David Perrico Q and A, Dr Lindsey O'Connor as moderator

3:45 Jazz solos masterclass with David Perrico

4:15 Student concert with David Perrico, group photo

5:00 Thank you and end of conference: Cheryl Thornton

Coming soon

Kevin Olson's handouts are below

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Students: register to perform

with David Perrico HERE!

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